Hello! I’m Ed Corpus. Welcome.

You don’t have to be an artist to be here. You don’t have to “understand art” or even “know anything about art” to be here. I welcome you and thank you for visiting my world.

I’m a visual artist based on the California Central Coast. I aim to create humanist, socially aware and culturally subversive art. This website is an online gallery of my artwork and a blog of my opinions and rants about the artists’ life — and life in the universe as I see it.

The experiences of being male, of Asian ethnicity in America and in the sixth decade of my Boomer years colors my world outlook and creative expression. I’m offering my original art through direct sales off my website, through my studio and as reproduced prints through print-on-demand venues that serve the purpose.

Some of my images are horrendous, some beautiful — metaphors of trauma and transcendence, failure and redemption, loss and recovery. Using traditional, non-traditional and digital media, I aim to create art that speaks to everyday people like you and me.

I blog about creating art, and about the creative process that’s the birthright of all people, not just artists. I write about the culture that kills creativity, and what I think we should do about it. I’ve been conscious of myself as an artist at least since I was three years old. There’s a blog post here I suggest you check out that gives an account of how I could have lost that passion, had it not been for the intervention of an efficient witness.

Many of us, maybe most of us, were wounded by the process called “growing up”. Popular culture reinforcing old learned habits, we continue to be wounded. Wounded becomes our “normal”. We turn to addictions – chemical and behavioral — “self-medications” of choice that keep us “comfortably numb” to the unresolved pain of our losses.

Well, you can’t heal what you can’t feel, and comfortably numb is so dreadfully normal in our society. If the dominant social paradigm is sick, do you really want to be “normal” in it? I aim to subvert the dreadfully normal, and invite you to help me do it.

I draw my subject matter from human behavior ranging from the grotesque to the beautiful to the ridiculous. Often life is not a laughing matter; sometimes love and laughter are the best and only answers.

What does my philosophy assert? That we’re all born creative beings — you and I, no exceptions — a creativity which our culture then does much to destroy. Do you remember that wondrous time as children before “growing up”, before this culture of “compete, dominate and conquer” set up impassable rites of passage? 

Popular culture often alienates us from true intimacy with our living environment and each other, dividing us by ethnicity, gender, age, economic status and culture. In these troubled times, is it possible to make art that has social conscience, without being preachy or didactic? Maybe. I’ll give it a shot. I’m heartened that the recent rise to prominence and successes of the #MeToo movement has created an environment of more open discussion of toxic masculinity, along with other urgent topics.

I want to make art to outrage, motivate or inspire you, evoke hilarity or sadness. To quote Friedrich Schiller, perhaps badly, you subvert social culture through its entertainment. Perhaps, I can even entertain you.

Look at my images, face the darkness of stolen childhood that still grips you, and then transcend it to reclaim your creative humanity. Hang my art on your wall, stand your stuffed shirt associates in front of it, pour them a brew — or steal theirs away. Shake them up from dreadful normalcy.

The game is rigged. I aim to use art and writing to beat it. I won’t always get it right, but I’m learning. Help me do it, and together we’ll heal the orphans of this social order.

Note: This new site replaces my old blog, which no longer adequately serves my expanded outreach and creative activity. There’s still a lot of good stuff on there — including links to my videos and motion art — if you care to look, but it’s uncertain how much of it will migrate here.
Edward M. Corpus at the Pacific Grove Art Center
Photo courtesy of Terry Lee
Ed Corpus sitting with Hungarian Mudi dog, Teca

With Teca, my Hungarian Mudi dog