Hello! I’m Ed Corpus. Welcome. Please read my Artist’s Statement below:

I’m a visual artist and writer based on California’s Central Coast, an immigrant Asian male in the sixth decade of my Boomer years in America. My experiences inform the humanist, socially aware combination of figurative fine art and sequential comic art I refer to as cultural subversive. If the dominant social paradigm is sick, do you really want to be “normal” in it? Emotional shallowness is a popular culture norm that numbs populations to systemic social injustice. I aim to subvert the dreadfully normal.

Working primarily in traditional media, I also combine text with visual images to create thought-provocative works that reflect values of social justice and inclusion.

Emulating the ancient tradition of the artist as healer and guardian of the tribal community, I write and create images to expose the dominant culture of inequality, and to contribute towards lasting social transformation.

Whether horrendous or beautiful, the images I create are visual metaphors meant to capture viewers’ attentions to reflect on trauma and transcendence, failure and redemption, loss and recovery.

I make art to outrage, motivate or inspire, evoke hilarity or sadness. To perhaps badly quote the poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller, you subvert the banality of social culture through its entertainment. Perhaps, I can even entertain while I subvert you.

Note: This current site replaces my old blog, which no longer adequately serves my expanded outreach and creative activity. it’s uncertain how much of it will migrate here; but if you care to look there’s still a lot of good stuff — including links to my videos and motion art.

Edward M. Corpus at the Pacific Grove Art Center
Photo courtesy of Terry Lee
Ed Corpus sitting with Hungarian Mudi dog, Teca

With Teca, my Hungarian Mudi dog