watercolor portrait of George Floyd

This is a 5×7 portrait in watercolor of a human being. His name is George Floyd.

Since I was fifteen (now sixty-six years older) I’ve dedicated my entire creative life towards social justice. I haven’t always succeeded. Every portrait I’ve ever painted has in some way big or small touched on social justice.

As I’ve stated in earlier posts, I’m in the process of painting portraits of authors I’m reading as I write my own memoir. But those can wait.

Showing that I recognize that a beautiful life had his breath extinguished, and that injustice has stood for too long — that can’t wait. Black lives matter, and I stand in solidarity.

I’m waiving my copyright on this image so that anyone who would like to have it on posters, flyers and literature to use in activities of social justice may do so. I only ask that when possible to credit this artist. Thank you.

#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #blm