Our psyche speaks to us in many ways. A significant one for me as an artist and creative is through the symbols of dreams. This is my first post on dream work.

For me, even though my dreams seem to transcend time and space — such as when I speak with my dead parents at various ages in their lives, or I’m thirteen years old again in the back of the school bus, etc., — I think they’re also intimately connected with my present day life. Although I may present fantastic or dreamlike images in my artwork, I try to link these to present day concerns. This same concept holds for great science fiction, whether literary or cinematic.

In my opinion there are no “bad dreams”. Even nightmares are useful and informative. In my own life if I’m refusing to face something in my waking life my psyche will talk louder and louder in my dreams to get my attention until I do.

One of many books I’ve found useful is Inner Work: Using Dreams & Active Imagination For Personal Growth by Robert A. Johnson. He’s a Jungian author (He; She; We; Ecstasy; Femininity Lost and Regained) who writes about understanding dream symbols and images to enrich our waking experiences

 Anyone out that there have ideas on these? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or drop me a line.