After a five-and-a-half exhibition at The Dalí Expo (now History & Art Museum: Salvador Dalí), this past Monday, Karen and I brought home KRONOS.

KRONOS is the interactive art installation envisioned by my wife and creative partner, Karen Warwick (, which we had jointly constructed over several months for her solo exhibition at The Dalí Expo during the month of August 2019.

Visitors from around the world gave the KRONOS exhibit many positive comments. We are grateful to the management of The Dalí Expo, who liked it well enough and made the decision to keep it on display and open freely to the public in their lobby bookstore.

Public interactive participation garnered uniformly positive responses. Often visitors stood in line with their kids waiting to give it a spin.

During our construction of KRONOS we did not originally envision that it would be on daily display for so long for public interaction. However, it stood up to the daily pounding to our delight and surprise.

We are now seeking grants to upgrade the KRONOS installation or rebirth it in more robust forms in other art venues.