It’s 2017, a new year, and I owe you all — and myself — a restatement of who I am as an artist, and my creative intentions for the period ahead.

First of all, thank you for dropping by and viewing my art. Thanks to all my followers and  creative friends. I invite you to check in on all my blog and social media entries, too. These tie in closely with how I think about art and the lives of creatives like us. Oh, and please sign up for an outrageous newsletter. I think it’s worth your while.


In December, I attended a Comic Con in Salinas, California to explore the prospects of turning serious writing I’ve been working on for years into graphic novels that explore ideas on intolerance and inequality — whether it be racial, sexual, age, economic or social — and the process of discovery of one’s self and place in existence.

Some very informative workshops and panels there pointed me in a better direction towards what I need to know and approaches to take — not only towards comic artists, editors and publishers in producing graphic novels — but promoting any of my art and writing. One of the most important take-aways was to be able to quickly and succinctly describe my story, character, concept or whatever in three sentences or less to whomever I’m pitching.

  • My art is humanist, asserts and celebrates that people matter, aiming to champion the humanity of all children, women and men – and the natural universe in which we exist.
  • My art is subversive, using visual and literary metaphor to subvert dominant patriarchal and intolerant cultural practice, even if flying in the face of “popular” opinion. We create our own reality — and the monsters that show up in it through abuse, abandonment and neglect.
  • There’s more to reality than what we experience simply through our immediate physical senses. My art is mystical art, describing through visual metaphor the indescribable, and making visible the invisible.
  • Art is my spiritual practice. (By “spiritual”, I mean whatever journey one may be on to find wholeness and meaning in life. If you don’t like the word “spiritual”, that’s fine, and I can live with that. I hope you get the spirit of my practice.)

Okay, that’s more than three sentences; but I’ll get better at it, with your feedback and collaboration. Comments are welcome.