Here’s a quote from another of my favorite authors, this time the science fiction writer, Frank Herbert. “Adapt or die” is the motto of the Fremen, the nomadic tribes of the desert planet Arrakis, or Dune.

Okay, on to the “Adapt or die” changes now in progress:

When I sold my home — and home studio — to get married and move in with Karen, I went from a 1,600-square-foot house occupied by only me and my dog to an 800-square-foot house. Our little home is in fact much too little to contain both our creative workshops and still be home to now two artists, three dogs and a rabbit.

Beginning this December just past I began renting a studio that can allow me to create the larger art pieces I have in mind. Soon you’ll be able with art curators and collectors to take virtual tours – and hopefully in person soon afterwards, once we get Covid-19 behind us. I’ll be posting photos soon on my “About the Artist” page.