Mother and Child In Redwood Forest

This began as a speed painting exercise. It has since evolved, and although this is based on two real people — very close friends — in a real life nature setting, I would consider this my first “mystical” painting. I classified this as a portrait, but I want this digital painting to be more iconic of universal motherhood. I am striving in creating archetypal images, in this case of the compassionate Divine Mother, of whom earthly mothers are avatars. Whether I succeed or not with this one, I will keep trying from now on.

Digital painting created in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Original is 20 x 30 inches

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September 7, 2015

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  1. Chris Fitz

    I love the use of color… especially the umbrella. The subtle halo of the figures is soft and suggestive.

    I love the direct gaze of the mother and the way the child turns to see what/whom she has stopped to notice.

    Lovely painting.


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