Christmas 2021 has come and gone; and 2022 is a few days away. Here’s a preview of upcoming changes.

This E. M. Corpus Graphic and Fine Arts website that I initiated nearly a decade ago is now long-in-the-tooth. Ten years. Can you believe that? I can hardly myself. The website is due for a major overhaul on both the front and back ends.

The “front end” is what you see on your screen, the images you see, the buttons and links you click. The “back end” is all the coding that makes things happen when you click. It’s been a long time since I did back end web design. I’ve concentrated on developing my skills in visual art. My back end design skills haven’t kept up; so I’m going to leave that stuff to my excellent web services provider at Monterey Bay Design.

As I stated in my previous post, I’ll be actively blogging more than ever. Art follows life – and vice versa. At least that’s a goal of culturally subversive art – to influence everyday life towards the sublime and self-aware. I’ll be documenting the day-to-day downsides to the creative life, as well as the upsides. No ivory towers to this artist’s life: I’m affected by Covid-19, climate change, weather, environment, economic and political foolery as much as anyone else. I’m also inspired and awed by the beauty around me living on the California central coast. Either way, the writing could get raw and personal — as it should.

Also as stated previously, awkward as it is to market both fine art and graphic art together, I’ll be doing just that as well as combining the visual image with the written word. Perhaps I’ll create another website gallery for my graphic output. Perhaps I’ll consolidate the galleries I have now.

With a larger studio space in 2021 I began to paint larger works than I was able previously. I’ll have a solo gallery exhibition in November 2022. While that may seem nearly another year away for most, for me this means producing more large work to fill that gallery, starting well before yesterday.

Finally, I need to actively search for new venues for the kind of art I produce that may not fit in well with the landscapes and seascapes this area is known for. Will 2022 be a bust-out year for me professionally and commercially? I have positive expectations.

Anyone out that there have ideas on these? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or drop me a line.